Self Service’s core philosophy and motive is to empower the end users by providing a “One Click” solution to a certain set of repetitive IT issues/problems so that they can remediate the issues by themselves, without any sort of intervention from the IT department. Self Service helps significantly reduce the number of tickets and increase the overall system uptime.

Password Management

With a seamless UI and a simple set of steps the users can change and reset their password as well as unlock their account directly from the tool.

User Management

automateNext integrates with the Active Directory of the organization and hence functions related to user management and profile management can be directly carried out from the tool itself. integration with Active Directory provides with the features like updating the user profile, searching users across the organization and also simplifies the process of employee on-boarding and off-boarding directly from the tool itself.

A single user or a set of users can be on-boarded within a few clicks with automateNext.

Software Whitelisting

We understand that certain non-commercial softwares are really important for the end users, but the process of access provisioning and installing them is too tedious. To make the process tad simpler automateNext provides the system admin with the power to whitelist a set of software based on employee groups and organizational units. This makes it easy for the end user to install the whitelisted software directly from the product itself. Only the software which are whitelisted for a certain user will be available for installation to that user.

Printer Configuration
and Installation

Along with non-commercial softwares, automateNext also provides with whitelisting feature for providing access to printer drivers to a selected set of users across a given location. In case if a new printer is to be installed or an existing printer needs to be configured, user can directly carry out the command from the tool itself.


There are a lot of common issues related to the system like Disk Space issues, Browser issues etc. that the end-users face. automateNext provides provides One Click solutions for all these issues. The tool consists of a number of power scripts which provides with troubleshooting solutions in terms of Disk Space, Browser, Network, PC Tune etc. This one click solutions makes it easy for the user to resolve certain issues instantly without any support

Knowledge Base

automateNext provides with a robust knowledge base. The knowledge base and FAQs section of the product is a repository of relevant documents, instruction guides which would help the end employees with all the relevant information required to make the best out of this product as well as answers to most common questions.

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