We believe that preventing an error is better than resolving one. Self-healing, with Artificial Intelligence at its core, proactively monitors the performance of every end user system. With the power of predictive analytics, it makes sure that any potential error or issue is immediately mitigated in its early stages before it could actually become an incident, thus providing the end users with a “No Disturbance” working experience.


automatenext’s Artificial intelligence based Self-heal support provides untethered system monitoring. The self-heal agent resides on the end user system and continuously keeps a track of the system performance. With the help of predictive analysis, it identifies any potential errors or issues that might hamper the system performance.


automatenext Self-heal engine with an in-built issue resolution database triggers real time execution of automated processes as soon as it identifies any potential issue or error and mitigates it without any sort of disturbance to the end user.


The Automatenext self-heal feature along with identifying and mitigating the potential system issues, it also makes sure that the system admin stays in the loop with every single action that is taken by the self-heal agent. The system admin is continuously alerted about as soon as any task is carried out by the agent. This gives power to the system admin to remotely solve any issues which are not within the scope of the self-heal agent.


The automateNext self-heal feature provides with the capability to schedule certain tasks as per the requirement either by the end user or the system admin, so that they don't have to worry about the system uptime and can focus on other strategic tasks. The tasks are automatically triggered as configured and as scheduled by the respective end user/admin.


The self-heal agent not only monitors the performance of the system, but it also keeps a track of the robustness of the system. It collects all the critical machine information like upgrades, patches etc. and based on that provides quantitative rating so that the system admin can comprehend the health of the system.


The system admin can have a more granular view of the end user systems and their respective performance. automateNext provides the system with the control to remotely take on the end user systems and fix any issue or error that might hamper the performance of the system.

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